Best Money Earning Apps for Android

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best money earning apps for android

Hello everyone, this is Technologynote and I am back with another awesome tutorial on Best Money Earning Apps For Android and I am going to list out the apps list that I have personally tested and earned from them but keep one thing in mind is that I have used some of the apps mentioned below very recently and few apps very long back but do not worry as I have researched well and writing the article picking up the best apps.

It may be for your personal need or you just wanna earn your own bucks instead of asking your parents or perhaps you wanna have a side income, even though it is a very low amount that you will earn “money is money” and it will be helpful for something. I have mixed up different earning apps from apps that will send money to banks and apps that will give credits on play store or gift cards.

I think almost everyone has an Android smartphone and these days a lot of improvements had been done and new technologies popping up, new applications were launching in the play store every day.

But the thing is not everyone is utilizing the true power of Smartphones and using it Just for fun and entertainment purposes. So, By the end of the article, you will learn how to earn money using the smartphone that you use daily and this is one the best simplest ways to earn money while studying or doing your Job.

Best Money Earning Apps For Android Devise

Best apps to earn money online
Best apps to earn money online

So, let us get into the topic of the best apps to earn money online with the power smartphone right from your home. Please keep in mind that these apps may or may not work for you as there are a lot of factors to be considered while using these apps.

Robson Globalme

Robson Globalme
Robson Globalme

Robson Globalme is one of the best money earning apps for android device and the best thing is if you utilize this app correctly you will get a good amount of money, trust me you can earn a lot from this if you utilize the full power of the app and invest a little bit of your time and skills.

How will you earn from Robson Globalme?

  • Voice Projects
  • Non Voice Projects
  • Transcription Projects
  • Answering Questions

How to get Most out of Robson Globalme App?

  • Signup Normally, with Indian Phone Number only.
  • Native Language as English: Mother Tongue.
  • Home City: Any U.S state like Newyork, South Carolina, North Carolina, etc.
  • The current city also any U.S State.
  • Preferred Currency: USD/INR
  • Payment method: Paypal (You can create a PayPal account for free) or choose other ways.

This is mostly for people with good command of English. You can also try for regional language, if any projects are available then you will get them.

You can change location as well as language anytime in the app if you are not getting any projects. It all depends on Luck but if you follow the above steps you will get projects, which is by choosing the United States location/States.

You will be getting different projects from voice to nonvoice and for each project, you will be paid from $5 dollars = 350 to 400 to 20$+ = 1500 rs INR per day or per week, it all varies with person to person.

  • Follow guidelines in the app for each project or your work will be rejected in Quality Check.

*You need Good English Assent

Download Robson Globalme

Google Opinion Rewards

google opinion rewards
google opinion rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a cool app that will help you earn Playstore credit which might be very helpful for gamers especially or people who wanna remove advertisements from the applications they are using.

How will you earn from Google Opinion Rewards?

By Completing the short surveys that you will be asked, it may be about a place that you have visited recently or about the place you stay and a lot more.

  • Business Surveys
  • Survey about Places
  • Survey about apps
  • Survey about advertisement
  • General Surveys

How to get Most out of Google Opinion Rewards App?

If you are a person who travels a lot and visits a lot of places then you can earn a lot from this app. The more places you visit the more chances of getting the surveys and also it varies from location to location.

One simple thing is you can use a VPN or Fake GPS location to make the app think like you have visited different places without actually going there and if you use U.S and U.K types of higher tier countries then good chances of earning a lot from this app.

Download Google Opinion Rewards



Foap is a very simple app yet effective way to earn money. If you are a photographer or Videographer and wanna turn your Images or Videos into money then Foap is the best place for you to keep an eye on.

How will you earn from Foap App?

  • By uploading photos
  • By uploading Videos

How to get Most out of Foap App?

To be frank there are no shortcuts or ways to earn money by tricking the Foap app but you can still use images of others that were not used before anywhere like from an Instagram account or Social Media accounts. But keep in mind that if you are caught then your account may get suspended.

  • Capture good quality images
  • Capture Rare images
  • Marketing or advertisable images
  • Up to you, you can capture any type of image.

Download Foap App

The app is undergoing some Updates, Buggy.



Swagbucks is one of the oldest apps that I have used back in 2017 but that doesn’t make it outdated as they are constantly updating the app and making it more useful and helping us to earn more by providing more surveys.

How will you earn from Swagbucks App?

  • Answering Surveys
  • Shopping in-store and online will help you get cashback.
  • Discovering new products and services
  • Sharing your opinion on content that you browse

How to get Most out of Swagbucks App?

A straight and simple answer is if you are from the U.S you will get a lot of surveys but we can use VPN while signing up within Swagbucks or you can use a VPN after you sign up and it will increase the chances of getting more surveys and offers that you can complete earning money in return.

*Withdrawals and Earning may take time from Swagbucks

Download Swagbucks App



iPoll is like a combination of a few apps that we have discussed above and basically, iPoll is an app that will help you earn money when you complete short surveys within the app and it may be about a place or a product that you have purchased or an app review, it may be anything. After you finish each survey your account will be credited.

How will you earn from iPoll App?

  • Product Reviews
  • Place Reviews
  • App Reviews
  • Business or Brand Awareness Reviews and a lot more.

How to get Most out of the iPoll App?

Make sure you are active and whenever you get a survey complete it as fast as possible and with accuracy. While providing information on Signup make sure you fill in by thinking twice especially your interests as all surveys will be given based on your interests and profile. You can redeem through their website or app.

Download iPoll App



In the 20th century, nothing is a surprise anymore, now you can earn actual money by playing games. All you gotta do is download the Loco App and select the language in which you are comfortable and get started.

How will you earn from Loco App?

Now earning money can be a source of your entertainment, which is a great way to attract young minds to join.

  • Loco game offers various types of games for you to earn money, one of them be a general knowledge quiz where you answer all the questions correctly and the amount you won would be transferred to your Paytm wallet.

How to get Most out of the Loco App?

All you need to do its increase your general knowledge and get set to the game. It is available on play store with almost 10 million-plus downloads and a rating of 4.1 stars

*Make sure that you signup with your Paytm number

Download Loco App



This is specifically for students who want to earn some extra cash while making use of their time and brushing up their skills. Searching for a job in your twenties might be close to impossible along with being stressed. Frapp has the solution to all your questions

This app focuses on students to either get micro jobs done or get internships where they have to perform particle tasks and as a reward, they will be getting money. The work might be on fieldwork where they visit the office and expand their contacts.

  • There is work from home opportunism and brand collaborations which is bright opportunism for influencers.

Download Frapp App



What happens when you are a budding influencer and don’t know where to look for work. TagMangoe comes to your rescue with the concept of Nano influencer marketing, where you will be paid to promote the brand you believe in.

How to get Most out of the TagMangoe App?

All you need is a decent social media engagement with 500 plus followers on either Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platform.

  • You just don’t get paid, you have high chances of winning exciting gifts such as laptops, speakers, mobile phones, etc.

Download TagMangoe


So above are the Best Money Earning Apps For Android, Even if you are not that qualified you still have thousands of options to work on. These are for people who want to earn pocket money and don’t have access to a laptop or a desktop since all you need is your phone.

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